Abstract: Beyond Boundaries is aware and has been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak.

Beyond Boundaries is aware and has been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak. Though our community has yet to experience the full potential impact, we want to respond responsibly and appropriately.

At this time we feel that is important to our clients that we are open and carry on with our day to day schedules. We have been and will continue to do the following: wash hands (our clients and ourselves), using gloves and wash/sanitize everything, along with avoiding touching faces.


With this, we are encouraging social distancing at check in, and in the waiting room. One option we have is for parents to wait in their cars during treatment session – please discuss this with your therapist going forward.


If you would like, the therapist can come and meet you outside or at your car once you are here. Please call to check in and provide a description of your car and where you are parked. Please do not leave the property during your child’s therapy time.


If your child, yourself or someone in your family is feeling ill, please keep them home and we as therapists will do the same!


We are all in this together! Help us keep our clinic safe for those who benefit from a consistent routine.


Thank you!

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