Functional Vision Program

The Functional Vision Program is provided by occupational therapy to assist in the coordination of the eyes and brain. The Functional Vision Program can develop or improve basic visual skills and abilities, as well as the comfort, ease, and efficiency of eye movement, efficiency of reading, improving reading comprehension and visual thinking (how the brain interprets visual information).  Children need to see well to learn well.  80% of learning is visual and an estimated 15-20% of children suffer from poor functional vision skills. 

Some common ways the functional vision program can help is by:

  • Improving vision related reading, writing, spelling and math skills as well as other learning problems
  • Improving attention, staying in seat in the classroom and ability to stay on task in the classroom
  • Improving functional vision by improving primitive reflexes that are related to visual function
  • Assisting to alleviate visual stress headaches and improve endurance for reading
  • Enhancing sports performance

Some of the most common reasons for a patient to begin the functional vision program is due to reading, writing andlearning problems.  Children labeled as lazy, a slow learner, dyslexic, ADD or behavioral problems are all likely good candidates for treatment for functional vision deficits. 

We work closesly with developmental optometrists, neuro optometrists and optometrists that specialize in functional vision.  

What does the Functional Vision Program cost?

Based on an occupational therapy evaluation and plan of care, insurance or Medicaid is billed directly for this program. Families are responsible for deductibles, copayments and any portion of the program not covered by their policy.

We are here to help

Our team of Occupational Therapists serving Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and surrounding communities have specialized training in functional vision. Contact us today to schedule a screening.

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