Tongue Thrust

How does this affect the front teeth?

When the tongue pushes forward against or across the teeth, while talking, swallowing or at rest it may have a lasting negative effect on the teeth. 

Does your child have some of these concerns?

  • Appears to protrude their tongue between or against the upper and/or lower front teeth when forming some or all of these sounds: /s/ /z/ /t/ /d/ /n/ /l/ or /sh/
  • Has a frequent open-mouth resting posture with the lips parted and/or the tongue resting against the upper and/or lower teeth
  • Lips are often cracked, chapped, and sore from frequent licking
  • They are a mouth breather in the absence of allergies or nasal congestion
  • Appears to bring their tongue forward when swallowing
  • Appears to have incorrect tongue resting posture
  • Older than 4 ½ years of age

When is it time to contact a Speech-Language Pathologist?

A Speech-Language Pathologist may call this pattern a frontal lisp, interdental lisp or tongue thrust; however, no matter what you label the pattern the tongue is pushing on the front teeth having an impact on their position.

Correcting tongue placement by a specialized Speech-Language Pathologist plays a crucial role in good orthodontic treatment, making the treatment’s results long lasting and much easier to achieve.

Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists serving Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and surrounding communities have specialized training in Tongue Thrust correction methods. Contact us today to schedule a screening.

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